Why It is mandatory to specify ap "MAC" to be connected?

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30-04-2009 12:56:16


I install a new motherboard and upgrade my gentoo, I'm using the kernel 2.6.28 with the kernel driver module rt61pci.

I have one issue
to be able to connect I have to do [code27xsd6b0]iwconfig wlan0 ap $MAC[/code27xsd6b0]

With the old legacy driver It wasn't mandatory I have only to do [code27xsd6b0]iwconfig ra0 essid $essid key $KEY[/code27xsd6b0]

How people do when they want to connect to access point who are hidden and do not respond to a [code27xsd6b0]iwlist wlan0 scan [/code27xsd6b0]

If they only know their essid name, because i'm not sure everybody knows their Mac address.

I hope there is a workaround or I probably miss something.

Thanks in advance for your answer


30-04-2009 13:25:50

Drivers are in charge of handling the hardware, they should not enforce policies or user dependent actions without input from userspace. What for example if your driver connects to every random AP it can find? The legacy driver will always try to scan and connect to APs in the area and you will have a hard time trying to stop making it associate when you don't want it to. There are also several security issues involved in drivers trying to autoconnect, so in general the legacy driver are simply wrong when it tries to auto-connect.

There are dozens of userspace tools which handle roaming or association correctly. 'iwconfig' can be used manually or in scripts like you are trying to do. But you also have tools like Network Manager and wpa_supplicant which work on profiles and can do everything required for associating. I advise you to use those tools and although I don't know the specific configurations, I am sure that the setups you describe can simply be handled by those tools (if not, then it is a bug in those tools).


30-04-2009 15:15:54

Thanks for your quick reply, I understand your point of view I will try this software.

Have a nice week end