rt3070 on linux 2.6.10

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11-05-2009 02:42:55

I recently bought a ralink rt3070 usb wireless driver. As I intend to use it on my linux arm PDA, I have a few questions about installing the driver. Thank you in advance for your response!
The linux i'm using has a 2.6.10 kernel. I've compiled the rt3070 driver source successfully against my kernel. But I'm confused about the 802.11 stack part. I know there's a generic 802.11 stack after 2.6.14 kernel, but in 2.6.10 kernel there's none. Do I need to download a compatible version and patch it to my kernel? Or if your driver already has one of your own? Then I don't have to modify my kernel?
Thank you again.!!
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11-05-2009 08:38:25

2.6.10 is in no way supported, you can get backwards compatibility packages for 2.6.22 and up, and not for even older kernels.

Either grab the driver from the Ralink website or try upgrading your kernel.