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17-05-2009 20:11:29


I just bought a Belkin f5d8055 which uses the rt2870 chipset. I managed to get it working under ubuntu 8.10.

I cannot seem to change my mac address using ifconfig or macchanger.
Any help would be apreciated!

I am using version 1.4.0


17-05-2009 23:51:34

I just downloaded compat-wireless and compiled that which has rt2800usb. How do I get this working for my device. To get it working with the drivers from the ralink website I had to add 0x050,825a to the drivers list. This then all worked fine but I couldn't change my mac address.

Can I do something similar for rt2800usb?


18-05-2009 08:55:25

Well actually if you say the USB ID I can add it to the code, that way others can use it as well.

But are you sure thre code is 0x050 0x825a ?
Belkin is known as 0x050d


18-05-2009 17:47:50

I apologize that was off the top of my head.

This is from lsusb output

Bus 002 Device 007 ID 050d825a Belkin Components

0x050d,825a is what I added before in the 1.4.0 driver from ralinks website and it worked perfectly, just couldn't change the mac address.

How would I get the updated driver once you added the code?


19-05-2009 05:26:16

Thanks, I have added the USB ID to the driver, I have pushed the patch upstream immediately so it will be present in compat-wireless in a few days.


20-05-2009 10:07:46

The patch has not yet been implemented so I managed to add the id myself for now. I seem to get 100% signal for every network on my list, whether through wicd or iwlist scan. I am not really sure if I need to do more than just add the id. I also used the firmware from the ralink website.

Tell me if I should just wait for your patch or if perhaps I did something incorrectly. It seems to connect OK, its just the signal is showing 100% for all networks.

Edit I cannot seem to obtain an IP address.
Edit2 I tried it with the compat wireless from the 21st and I still have the same result although the usb id was included.


21-06-2009 17:15:28

Why would you want to change your mac address? I've heard that it can be terrible for your card because you are actually flashing a chip on the card


22-06-2009 08:51:00

For most Ralink hardware this doesn't matter since the MAC address always has to be written to the device during boot.