TX speed difference between rt2x00 and rt73 legacy driver

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18-06-2009 09:42:11

I did speed test comparing test between rt2x00(contained in Linux-2.6.29) and rt73 legacy driver with rt73 chipset.
I did 2 tests

1. dongle with rt73 driver ,in infra mode, transfer data to other PC(winxp) through AP.
2. dongle with rt2x00 working in AP mode (hostapd-0.6.9 open system), and transfer data to an associated station(winxp).

I use netcat as test tool.

The result is
In the task manager's network utilization field, test 1 shows network utilization is around 8%.
But , surprisingly, test 2 shows network utilization is no more than 1%.

I feel it is unreasonable...... Is there anything strange in rt2x00's TX routine?



18-06-2009 09:56:30

Make sure you force the rate to 54Mbs


19-06-2009 02:50:08

All the source code is directly from community.

I set mode=g in hostapd.conf.
Then sending data from hostapd-rt73 to winxp,
winxp's network utilization is 1%, task manager shows LInk speed is 54Mbps/s

When set mode=b in hostapd.conf
winxp's network utilization is 3%, task manager shows LInk speed is 11Mbps/s

I think I have set right phy speed


19-06-2009 07:32:56

I found out that
with rt2x00 in Linux-2.6.29.tar.gz, the TX speed is very low.
But I tried git kernel from http//git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/g ... 5cc36188dc
The TX speed grows up to 25%.

I have not studied what is changed in rt2x00.



19-06-2009 09:45:44

Hi IvD
I compared the rt2x00 driver between linux-2.6.29 and GIT kernel.
But still not sure which modification improves the TX speed so much........
The TX routine seems has no big difference....
Maybe the HW initialization is different?

Would you please so kind as to have a look?
I am working on Linux2.6.20, the code is similar to 2.6.29 the speed is as slow as 2.6.29.


19-06-2009 12:16:08

Sorry to disturb again.
standard kernel linux-2.6.30 also has low TX speed.
It seems only git kernel can TX fast enough.

Sorry, I am not familiar with what is different between GIT's rt2x00 and ST kernel.

Keep on Learning....