WPA2 - Authentication failed (timed out), SIOCSIWENCODEEXT

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26-06-2009 08:57:02

I have a (embedded) system running linux kernel 2.6.28.rc6 and I'm using the rt2x00 driver included. I use a wireless USB device (rt73). I observed the same problems on 2.6.30 when I tried that to see if it had been fixed.

Everything works fine with no encryption or regular WPA, but when trying to use WPA2 I run into problems. It is able to associate but disconnects with an Authentication failed every 10 seconds (I see this timeout value is set). I also get a error message that I wonder might be relevant.
[code2y8h07hw]ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: No such file or directory[/code2y8h07hw]
It this ioctl call needed for WPA2 and not supported by the driver?

Output from wpa_supplicant with -ddt flag found here (was a bit long)

Thanks for any information or help on this problem! I hope somebody can help!