Does rt2x00 Driver REALLY Support Mesh mode?

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03-07-2009 14:34:59

Can anyone tell me whether rt2x00 driver really supports [b2sqrz56r]MESH[/b2sqrz56r][/color2sqrz56r] mode in RT73 chipset??

I'm now trying to make TP-LINK TL-W321G+ (chip ralink [b2sqrz56r][i2sqrz56r]RT2571WF[/i2sqrz56r][/b2sqrz56r]) working in the [b2sqrz56r][i2sqrz56r]MESH[/i2sqrz56r][/b2sqrz56r] mode.
But unfortunately, I'm failed to configure the wlan0 interface in mesh mode.

I use the driver [i2sqrz56r]compat-wireless-2.6.31-rc1.tar.bz2 [/i2sqrz56r]from [u2sqrz56r][i2sqrz56r][/i2sqrz56r][/u2sqrz56r].
After I added a 'mesh' type interface and when I began to ifconfig it up, the error appears
SIOCSIFFLAGS Name not unique on network.

Can anyone help me with the problem?

Many thanks.


03-07-2009 17:19:49

That error sounds like a configuration error and not a hardware error, I suggest looking for some Mesh mode configuration manual.


04-07-2009 12:42:51

I just followed the HOWTO http//
but things did not work as expected.

After creating new interface for mesh "iw dev wlan0 interface add mesh type mp mesh_id mymesh".
I turned the mesh interface up by "ifconfig mesh up".
I got the following error message
" SIOCSIFFLAGS Name not unique on network "

And when I deactivated the wlan0 interface by "iw dev wlan0 del" and try to turn the mesh interface up again.
It seemed to be fine.
But the interface mode still was Managed . I think the mesh mode was not supported by rt2x00 driver.
So I am just wondering whether rt2x00 driver really support mesh mode?


04-07-2009 13:43:00

yes, rt2x00 supports Mesh mode.
As for the other, you best request support on the website where you found the howto, since I never used it before.