Unpacking Legacy RT73 module

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13-07-2009 02:15:25

Please beware these are uber-noob issues and may I just say I have read many, many pages of stuff and used the search function.

Am using VMware fusion and BT4...

tried following this

Build Instructions

1. Unpack the driver sources and go to the Module directory
$ tar -xvzf rt73-cvs-daily.tar.gz
$ cd ./rt73-cvs-YYYYMMDDHH/Module

I get confused about directory structure - where you put the sources in order to be found, so can't unpack them and just get "No such file or directory". Also the file is called rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.3.tar.bz2..?

I think I need to figure this out in order to get BT4 to work with my RT73 device, any help much appreciated.


13-07-2009 05:16:39

From [ANNOUNCEMENT] Project reorganization[/url2kgovccq]

[quote2kgovccq]By the end of April the Legacy drivers will no longer be
maintained or supported by this project. From that moment
only the in-kernel drivers will be developed and supported by
this project.[/quote2kgovccq]


13-07-2009 06:36:45

Ah okay. So I'm gonna take from that that I need to get the rt2x00 one instead...