rt2800usb driver + RT3070 chipset -> no networks found

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06-08-2009 22:23:45

I own an RT3070 based usb adapter. I took actual 2.6.31_rc3 driver because i saw that you made much changes in rc1. I load the firmware from here
http//www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drive ... .1.1.0.bz2
.In that driver package i found the rt2870.bin firmware.
md5sum 188aa98bb749e1f0d9028c44284898f0 rt2870.bin
I made the drirectory "firmware" in /lib (symlink to lib64) and place it there. Everything seems to work

usb 1-5 new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3
usb 1-5 New USB device found, idVendor=148f, idProduct=3070
usb 1-5 New USB device strings Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 1-5 Product 802.11 n WLAN
usb 1-5 Manufacturer Ralink
usb 1-5 SerialNumber 1.0
usb 1-5 configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
phy1 -> rt2x00_set_chip Info - Chipset detected - rt 1600, rf 0005,
rev 30700200.
phy1 Selected rate control algorithm 'minstrel'
Registered led device rt2800usb-phy1radio
Registered led device rt2800usb-phy1assoc
Registered led device rt2800usb-phy1quality
phy1 -> rt2x00lib_request_firmware Info - Loading firmware file 'rt2870.bin'.
rt2800usb 1-51.0 firmware requesting rt2870.bin
phy1 -> rt2x00lib_request_firmware Info - Firmware detected - version 0.17.
phy1 -> rt2x00mac_conf_tx Info - Configured TX queue 0 - CWmin 3,
CWmax 4, Aifs 2, TXop 102.
phy1 -> rt2x00mac_conf_tx Info - Configured TX queue 1 - CWmin 4,
CWmax 5, Aifs 2, TXop 188.
phy1 -> rt2x00mac_conf_tx Info - Configured TX queue 2 - CWmin 5,
CWmax 10, Aifs 3, TXop 0.
phy1 -> rt2x00mac_conf_tx Info - Configured TX queue 3 - CWmin 5,
CWmax 10, Aifs 7, TXop 0.

But i cant find any wireless interfaces with "iwlist wlan1 scan". The interface is up. The hardware is okay. Tested with windows and everything is fine there. Also an "iw dev wlan1 scan" doesnt show any results. I have installed iw 0.9.15 .

Scanning and so on works without problems with the ath9k based card i have put into my laptop.

Hope my reported data is enough. I can do tests and so on when you tell me how i could help. I am not realy good in programming but can try changes in (kernel)source when you tell me what & where.

I can also give a development platform - distribution you like + ssh root access to a notebook with the card inside.



07-08-2009 03:14:37

Known issue, at this time all rt2800 drivers (pci & usb) are broken.


08-08-2009 16:59:32

Actually just recently i got a RT2770 adapter to transmit some broken, invalid beacon frames. I have some pcap files if you're interested. The actual SSID was in there if i looked at it with Wireshark but the rest was corrupted.

By the way, i see changes to rt2x00 are sometimes being made in the wireless-everything kernel branch rather than the rt2x00 one. Is there a reason for this and which branch is more suitable for testing rt2x00 drivers specifically?


12-08-2009 06:24:14

Known issue, at this time all rt2800 drivers (pci & usb) are broken.[/quote2rmx4e1n]

only for RT3070 based hardware?

When can we expect a working version? I tried rt2870sta but they were unusable too...


12-08-2009 07:34:43

only for RT3070 based hardware?[/quoteb2h24dl6]

It doesn't work correctly regardless of chipset revision, architecture, etc etc.

When can we expect a working version? I tried rt2870sta but they were unusable too...[/quoteb2h24dl6]

There is no ETA for a working version. I simply lack the time spend a lot of time on the drivers.
There is also a rt2870 driver in the staging folder of the Linux kernel, if you use that you can ask support on the mailinglist devel@driverdev.osuosl.org, but I don't know if that driver is progressing faster then rt2x00.


17-03-2010 00:23:23

this was a known issue some time before it rt hit the kernel. it maybe got fixed there. suppose you are stuck with a semi-old one. now some/all of the data ralink hosted is broken (404) all the solutions end in file queries to unthrusted hosters and your work cannot be used anymore. does the community mirror this files for future reference?