RT2870 Frequency Band and Interference Robustness

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12-08-2009 03:13:30


I recently bought a DLink DWA140 802.11n wireless card and it started working after I used the RT2870 drivers. I had the following two questions

1. Is it possible to put the wireless card into a 5GHz band? Currently it uses the 2.4 GHz band.
2. Does Ubuntu support Interference Robustness. If yes, can someone please help me enable it.

I am trying to setup an adhoc network using this card and it works fine for the 2.4GHz so any input is appreciated. Thanks...


12-08-2009 03:38:22

[quote19fy2hie]If you have downloaded the driver from the Ralink website Don't ask support here
Have you used the driver from the kernel located in the staging directory As support to this mailinglist devel@driverdev.osuosl.org
If you are using the rt2800usb driver from the kernel or rt2x00.git then you are in the right place, but you need to tell which driver version you are using, which kernel, etc etc.[/quote19fy2hie]


12-08-2009 03:51:44

I was following a website that asked me to install git and get it. Unfortunately I am not able to find that website again. I will be on the lookout but the version I see inside my folder is Is this the version you are talking about? Thanks


12-08-2009 04:22:40

You mean this one?
http//rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/ind ... structions


12-08-2009 04:45:51

I'm guessing so... The instructions were almost the same except for two to three final instructions. These were on the Ubuntu forums and am searching for that post. I checked the directory structure and it looks same to me. In the mean time, I'll just get it from git to be sure.

UPDATE I just figured that Interference Robustness was something that was being used by MAC. I could use it by setting the rts option to 250 or some other lower value.

Just left with the 5GHz question though... Thanks


13-08-2009 10:08:18

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14-08-2009 04:16:39

Perhaps you should check the iwconfig or wpa_supplicant documentation to see how to configure it, that is not really driver dependent.


14-08-2009 05:06:51

Oh you mean to say that putting the card to 5GHz is not card dependent?


14-08-2009 05:32:29

I am saying the capability is chip dependent, but the way to make sure the card operates in 5GHz depends on the userspace tool used to configure the wireless interface.