Rt2800usb Malformed frames

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25-09-2009 23:10:25

Hello, I'm running Jaunty 64 with kernel 2.6.28-15.49 fully updated with headers, using the rt2800usb driver and have tried compat-wireless 2009-09-23/24and 25.
The problem is that when I run Aircrack-ng ,Injection test, the results indicate that injection is working, but client to client injection fails completely. When I run Wireshark it shows a lot of malformed frames. I tried to Deauth my old lappy and this fails, also with a lot more malformed frames.
I have tried Aircrack-ng 1-rc4, 1 (new release) and the svn version with C/W 2009-09-23 and 24 (25 tested with Aircrack-ng 1-rc4) with similar results. Sometimes the first packet seems normal (I'm definitely not an expert), but the next is malformed. Sometimes all the frames are malformed. I know that this doesn't happen with C/W 2009-06-11 ( Injection test works).
Unfortunately Wireshark doesn't give much info about these frames so I'm not sure what info I can provide to help. I'm more than happy to try, if you need anything tested or more info.
I haven't found anything useful on google or on Aircack-ng forums in fact the only other similar mention of malformed frames is in an earlier post on this forum, " rt2x00 802.11n devices ".
Thank you for your help.