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28-09-2009 23:02:16

I have two Ralink USB devices, one rt73usb and one Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector with a rt2570usb.
I got them work with both legacy and rt2x00 drivers.

[b2cq2kznp][u2cq2kznp]About rt2570[/color2cq2kznp][/u2cq2kznp][/b2cq2kznp]
I googled a lot and i know that under Windows the rt2570 works as an AP.
As here [url2cq2kznp][/url2cq2kznp]
[quote2cq2kznp][b2cq2kznp]There is a way for Linux users to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector for WifiME and Wireless Multiboot, so that the DS can receive Homebrew games and demos.[/b2cq2kznp]

While not officially supported by Nintendo, the USB Connector can function as a standard wireless adapter by using modified Ralink or Buffalo Technology drivers.[/color2cq2kznp] In addition, these drivers also provide support for Windows 9x and 2000. Detailed instructions on how to modify and install said drivers can be found in Section of the [color=#0000FF2cq2kznp](Unofficial) DS Wireless Networking Guide.[/color2cq2kznp][/url2cq2kznp][Nardi, Tom. "DS Wireless Networking Guide". GameFAQs. Retrieved 2007-07-09.][/quote2cq2kznp]
From this useful guide, section 4.4.2
[quote2cq2kznp] The WLI-U2-KG54-AI is based on the USB version of the RT2500 chipset,
which, if you have read the Windows Soft AP section, you will recognize [color=#FF00002cq2kznp]as one
of the very few devices capable of creating a true wireless network under
Also, at section 4.1 there is a guide to set up a soft AP for the Nintendo under Linux.

So, with these informations what and how can i do under Linux?
AP mode? WifiME and Wireless Multiboot?

[b2cq2kznp][u2cq2kznp]About [color=#FF00002cq2kznp]rt73[/color2cq2kznp][/u2cq2kznp][/b2cq2kznp]
I googled for this, too, and here is what i found
The most important info is a blog where is explained how to get hostap working with rt2x00 and rt73usb [url2cq2kznp][/url2cq2kznp].
I haven't tried it, but it was used in that topic, detailed but old [url2cq2kznp][/url2cq2kznp].
At [url=]this post[/url2cq2kznp] i read that it doesn't work completly.
Here i read why hostap doesn't work, but are there any news?
Can you say me [u2cq2kznp]exactly[/u2cq2kznp] what is possible and how?


05-10-2009 10:25:10

I think that the AP mode issue (at least with rt73usb) is solved more or less in 2.6.31 (big kudos [b33u6z163]IvD[/b33u6z163]), but I am not entirely sure cause I'm running on a patched hostapd anyway - so give it a shot without the workaround first. Below is the hostapd patch you mentioned to work around the issue. I use rt73usb on ARM9 with WPA2 and it works like a charm, though it's not very extensively used yet.

Have a happy running in AP mode. )
--- hostapd/ieee802_11.c.old 2009-09-16 22:46:14.000000000 +0200
+++ hostapd/ieee802_11.c 2009-09-16 22:47:00.000000000 +0200
@@ -1497,7 +1497,7 @@
hostapd_logger(hapd, mgmt->da, HOSTAPD_MODULE_IEEE80211,
"did not acknowledge authentication response");
- return;
+// return;

if (len < IEEE80211_HDRLEN + sizeof(mgmt->u.auth)) {
@@ -1571,7 +1571,7 @@
hostapd_logger(hapd, mgmt->da, HOSTAPD_MODULE_IEEE80211,
"did not acknowledge association response");
- return;
+// return;

if (len < IEEE80211_HDRLEN + (reassoc ? sizeof(mgmt->u.reassoc_resp) :