RT2860 on Freescale MPC8315

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26-10-2009 21:35:11

Hey All,

We have developed a router board based on the Freescale PowerPC MPC8315erdb. We have mostly everything working on the board, I can even detect the ralink device with the lspci command in linux. I am busy trying to compile the ralink drivers into the system but am having some trouble. Currently I make the ralink drivers linked to my linux source directory /ltib-mpc8315erdb-20080629/rpm/BUILD/linux- build the driver. I then copy the .ko file to lib/modules/ and i copy the .dat file to etc/wireless - I then build the file system using the ltib software provided by freescale, when I run insmod rt2860atp i get the following error

insmod cannot insert `/lib/modules/' Invalid module format (-1) Exec format error

Is this a problem with my linking to the correct kernel, I get the same error when using the working .ko file from the MPC8377EWLAN which runs the 2.6.25 kernel? Am I leaving out an important file?




27-10-2009 03:35:54