TL-WN321G lists some but not all available networks (essid)

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23-11-2009 21:50:11


I'm having some trouble making use of my new TP-LINK usb wireless adapter (54Mbps| TL-WN321G) I can see it working fine unless it does not allow me to scan fully the networks and my network does not show up (others do, however). So the adapter seems to work fine and the driver also. But the scanning appears incomplete.

This is really bizarre, because I have configured the usb wireless adapter to work on my laptop where I already have a perfectly working inner wifi device (that shows up on wlan0). When I $(iwlist wlan0 scanning), the output lists my network (amidst a number of others).

Now, the usb wireless adapter shows up as wlan1. When I perform the same scanning as for wlan0, a number of networks appear (which appear to be of the same ESSID names as observed during the scan for wlan0) but *my* network does not show up.

I bought this cheap but highly regarded usb wireless adapter to supplement the wifi card in my Dell mini 10v notebook. That wifi card behaved exactly the same as the usb wireless adapter I am describing the odd behaviour listing some networks but not mine...

I am running Debian GNU/Linux testing (kernel 2.6.30-1-686).

I cannot figure out what's going on. And strangely, searching the web did not allow me to find any such account. Does anybody have experienced this funny behaviour ?

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26-11-2009 17:49:55

are you far from your access point? It could simply be a sensitivity issue.