Problem AND solution for WUSB54GC (1737:0077)

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04-02-2010 03:35:31


Currently the latest git sources that contain the rt2x00 drivers contain support for WUSB54GC (17370077) However... they don't work.

When I've tried, I do see the device, but can't config it at all. (not with iwconfig or wpa_supplicant... it just doesn't see any networks, encrypted or wide open)


I have my card working PERFECTLY (LED Lights/WEP/WPA etc.. working by hacking staging drivers from my gentoo 2.6.31-r3 2780 drivers.

Could this PLEASE be incorporated/fixed in the rt2x00 sources..

Please see my comments (imbiea) http// ... alink.html on what I had to do to fix this.

Also, I've filed a bug with my distro.. but the consensus is to have this fixed upstream.. i.e. seehttp//

Long story short.. The driver works! But only by hacking staging sources. The current "stable" driver included in 2.6.32 git sources, and 2.6.32 gentoo sources doesn't work. So everytime I upgrade my kernel, I have to hack the staging drivers to get things working... Except... something changed in 2.6.31-r3 and 2.6.31-r6 in gentoo's sources as... even though I can still perform the same hack to the 2870.h file... my pretty little LED light doesn't blink anymore.. where as in 2.6.31-r3... everything works...



11-02-2010 13:39:40

Any development input here? ? Even maybe a complaint? )


13-02-2010 00:29:39

As far as I can tell from reading your bug reports the driver you modified was ralink's own driver not the rt2x00 driver. The rt2x00 driver has had your device listed in drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2800usb.c since at least November last year. You can check the full history at http// ... t2800usb.c


14-02-2010 22:26:30

Yes, as I've stated, I've tried the rt2x00 drivers as part of the git sources. They don't work. My only option, as you stated, was to hack the ralink drivers.


19-03-2010 21:57:59

Even in my hack of the ralink drivers I have to add a line

(RT2870_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.0/common/rtusb_dev_id.c {USB_DEVICE(0x1737,0x0077)}, /*) to their drivers to get it to work.

but support does exist (in theory) in the rtx200 drivers... but I can't get it to associate with anything.

i.e. I've got firmware


and I do get a pretty little LED light that blinks, but it won't actually associate with anything. cleartext or WPA/WEP etc...