rt73usb tx-power problems

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26-04-2010 13:20:24

I'm using the rt73usb module in the 2.6.31 kernel (and 2.6.32 has been tried too). My card is the Peak II hardware USB adapter, which should support a tx-power of up to 14 dBm [1].

Upon inserting the USB stick, Linux loads the rt73usb driver but CRDA sets it to the "World Regulatory Domain" (country code 0). I can change this myself by doing,
[code1z4thab9]iw reg set GB[/code1z4thab9]

However even after doing this, the tx-power listed by iwconfig is very low (6 or 7 dBm - between 3 and 5 mW). I cannot turn this up (I get an error saying it's invalid) but I can turn it down.

What is the problem here? Is the datasheet in Ref.[1] incorrect? Is iwconfig reporting the wrong thing? Is there a problem with the driver? Or is the device broken (invalid EEPROM)? This has been tested on a few Linux machines, using the 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 kernels and running both Gentoo and Ubuntu.

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[1] http//www.peakhardware.com/products/pr ... p?PAID=149 (See "Data sheet").