rt2500pci very slow

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25-05-2010 05:31:05

Just upgraded Ubuntu from 8.04 ( I used rt2500 driver in it, compiled it myself) to 10.04 and see very slow (less then 1 Mbit) wifi connection with rt2500pci.
The same problem with 2.6.34 from ppa.
Unfortunately, I can't compile rt2500 with 2.6.32 and newer kernels, so I need a solution.
I tried to change speed with iwconfig, it helps, but only for several seconds.
And see many frame errors on wi-fi interface of wi-fi router, which also run linux -)
Is there any way to get back my wi-fi connection? -)


25-05-2010 17:37:23

looks like frame errors are not rt2500pci related- I installed ndispwrapper and now have good speed, but there are still frame errors...