rt2500pci reports 1Mbit/s, actual 54Mbit/s

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11-06-2010 03:30:09

This is really a cosmetic issue, but it seems related to
https//bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9273 Which is reported on the wiki in the TODO section.

2.6.35-r1 (built from kernel source)
`iw dev wlan0 station dump`
Returns clients with rate at 1Mbit/s, however, scp shows speeds of 2.4MB/s. (note Mbit/s vs. MB/s) Which, given overhead, is reasonable.

Disconnect Client
`iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M`
Client connect
`iw dev wlan0 station dump`
Returns clients with rate at 54Mbit/s, actual speeds remain the same...

Other kernels tested
2.6.32 (Debian Testing)
2.6.34 (Debian Testing)

`iw dev wlan0 station dump` is really more about the clients... but
`iwconfig` doesn't report a Rate for my wlan0, so I guess this is the correct way to do things..

I have another .g access point narby, so I suppose it could cause interference and cause the rate to be set low.. despite it actually being able to handle it.