Power Management Support for MSI Wind U110 netbook (rfkill?)

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05-10-2010 14:54:00

The MSI Wind U110 comes with an rt2860 and a function key combination which disables the wifi card. It's basically sort of an rfkill but it doesn't show up anywhere in /sys/. It puts the card into D3 pcie power management state.

It works fine if I use the Fn-F11 combination to switch the wifi on or off before booting Linux. But if I switch it while Linux runs, I get only problems including

* Mac Address FFFFFF... and no response, card doesn't find anything. The card can't be activated.
* Complete Lockups after trying to access the wifi card. (No Reisub possible)

These problems occur with
* rt2800pci 2.6.35
* rt2860sta from kernel 2.6.35
* rt2860sta directly from Ralink

In an older kernel they did not occur with ndiswrapper + MSI supplied windows drivers, now (1.51) they do.
The problems don't appear in Windows XP with the MSI supplied driver. Wifi doesn't work in Windows with ralink's normal driver.

Any idea how I can activate the card after it was in deep sleep? How can I further diagnose the problem?


21-12-2010 13:26:47