kernel panic when using rt2800pci in AP mode

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21-12-2010 10:30:30


I am trying to run rt2800pci in AP mode on an rt2860 based card. Sometimes (could not identify a particular usage pattern), I'll run into a kernel panic (kernel messages attached).

I have also attached the dmesg output after booting the system. I'm seeing some errors like

[ 420.259912] phy0 -> rt2800pci_mcu_status: Error - MCU request failed, no response from hardware

but don't know if they are related to the panic.

System information Ubuntu 10.10, linux 2.6.35(-24-generic), wireless-compat 20101220, hostapd 0.7.3
Configuration 802.11n, Channel 36, ht_capab [HT40+][SHORT-GI-40][DSSS_CCK-40][MAX-AMSDU-7935][SHORT-GI-20][TX-STBC][RX-STBC12]

Any help would be highly appreciated.