Does rt2800usb support 802.11n high throughput mode?

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01-02-2011 12:56:24

Dear all,

This my be a stupid question but I had a look in this forum and I did not find any recent answer to it. Probably I am missing something obvious.

I am trying to connect to a 802.11n AP with a RT2870 based USB dongle and by using the rt2800usb driver (for different reasons, I wish to use this driver instead of the official from RaLink). I am using the driver from the compat-wireless-2.6.36 package.

The dongle can well be associated with the AP. However, the dongle supports only PHY data rate up to 54Mbps and it does not use 40MHz channel. In fact, it behaves really as a IEEE802.11a device. If I use the official Ralink driver, the dongle mentions a PHY data rate up to 270Mbps (and I have measured a TCP data rate of 97.7Mbps with IPERF), so I suspect the problem does not come from the module.

So, my questions are
- Does the rt2800usb driver support high throughput mode of 802.11n (PHY data rate > 65Mbps and up to 270Mbps) or does it work in a legacy mode (following IEEE802.11a/g)?
- Are some “particular configuration” of rt2800usb needed to support HT mode of 802.11n?

I thank you in advance for any help.

Best regards.



13-02-2011 19:28:34

Hello all,

Has anybody measured a data rate above 54Mbps with the rt2800usb or the rt2800pci drivers?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


14-02-2011 09:00:37

You are probably using the minstrel rate control module, for 11n speed, you must use the minstrel_ht rate control module.