Can't access dump files

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01-04-2011 12:20:34

Hi everybody and thanks for the support,

I am trying to have a list of every frame received by my wifi card.
Reading previews discussions i learnt it was possible using debugfs. So i mounted it
[code1rfghvym]mount -t debugfs none /mnt/debug[/code1rfghvym]

Before that i enabled CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUGFS as well as CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_DEBUGFS and CONFIG_DEBUGFS in the .config file located in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-23-generic/

I can find the folder ieee80211/phy* but there is no dump file in it.

Thank you for help


02-04-2011 12:15:02

Changing the kernel config requires you to recompile your kernel and boot from that new version.
Looking at your post, you only changed the configuration, but didn't recompile anything.


06-04-2011 09:46:37

Thank you it works now.
Sorry i'm not linux expert. I didn't know that changing .config file means recompile the kernel.