Where to place firmware?

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01-05-2011 16:48:01

Hello. I have compiled rt2x00 (wireless-compat 2011-04-30) for a IpCop machine, and im using a rt2860 card (wireless N).
The ipcop machine uses a autoloader (setup script) that automatically loads the modules based on which networks cards there is in the machine. Its not possible to add debug=1 to this loader.

The driver module (.ko file) is located in /lib/modules/2.6.32-3/updates/drivers/net

Trying to unload the module with "depmod -r rt2800pci" (to load again with debug=1) locks up the machine completely, it does not respond to anything, not even numlock/scrollock/capslock.

I have downloaded rt2860.bin and placed it in


But it still complains "File or directory does not exist" when trying to load firmware.
Where does it expect the firmware to be placed?