rt2800usb efuse init problem on big-endian arch

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21-05-2011 15:05:12

Have a couple of rt2800usb devices - one with RT2870 and other with RT3071 chips. These dongles worked great on all X86 machines using both the RALINK OEM drivers and the latest compat-wireless drivers on both OpenWRT and Ubuntu. I could not get them to correctly identify and configure properly on any ARM or MIPS machine (kept getting random MAC addresses). I traced the problem down to the EEPROM init code. If I forced the driver to read the EEPROM directly rather than thru the EFUSE interface, they worked OK. After studying the EFUSE read code, I identified the problem as the bytes being reversed in the rt2800_efuse_read() routine. The attached OpenWRT patch file fixes the problem for me but I have no way of knowing if the PCI version is OK.

Hope this helps others...



24-09-2011 06:15:22

Thank you very much! It works!
Now I can get my Asus USB N13 works on Mac Mini PowerPC G4 (I've patched kernel 3.0.0)
Before that I had 'no wireless networks found' message without any errors in dmesg