WiFi range on RT2561 (rt61)

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24-05-2011 07:55:37

I've set up a hotspot on Ralink2561T (miniPCI) card. Everything works fine except range of my network - it's very weak. I would say it's two-three times better on Atheros or VIA i tested recently (but unfortunately they have different issues which cause i can't use them). 4 meters from hotspot my phone can't connect to it (range 1 stripe out of 4) and my laptop has 44% of signal strength (my home router in the same place gives me ~85-90%).
Hotspot is set with hostapd, (mode g, channel 3). Driver i'm using is from kernel 2.6.38. I have a 'standard' antenna (third from the left http//img.alibaba.com/photo/219781873/ ... ntenna.jpg ) connected to the 'MAIN' connector on card (i tried 'AUX' as well, no improvement).
Can i adjust range somehow?