Multiple SSID/BSSID support for 3070 Chipset

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09-06-2011 22:40:59


I've read the pinned thread on virtual interfaces, and at least if I'm reading Ivan's comment correctly, the rt2800usb driver supports up to 8 virtual interfaces. However, thus far I've had a devil of time getting dual SSID's to work. The general symptom is that the second configured SSID will allow stations to associate, but the first will never ACK the initial associating frame. It seems similar to problems noted here (http// ... 03744.html) using the RT61 driver. I've searched the mailing list archives and associated FAQs and have thus far found nothing concrete (or at least any more concrete than Ivan's comment referenced above) that dual SSID is supposed to work under the rt2x00 driver with this chipset. It's also unclear to me in the Virtual Interfaces pinned thread whether there's a material difference between using iw to create the interfaces and using hostapd's built-in method for adding a BSSID. So, I guess my questions are these

1. Is it anticipated by folks on this board that the rt2x00usb driver and Ralink 3070 chipset will support dual/multiple SSID configurations?
2. If so, are the caveats for configuring the BSSID similar to those mentioned in the RT61 thread above? My general approach thus far has been to flip the locally administered bit for the HW MAC of the card. But the RT61 thread mentions that the driver will look only to the last 3 bits to decide what to ACK. Does that caveat apply to rt2x00usb as well?
3. If it's not supported, can anyone tell me whether the lack of support is driver, hardware or firmware related?

Any insight is appreciated.



14-06-2011 00:27:25

In trying to gather some troubleshooting information, I've stumbled across a quasi-solution to this. If I run tcpdump on the monitor interface, then association works, I can obtain a DHCP address and ping the AP. From this thread (http// ... 22908.html), hostapd initializes the monitor interface in "cooked" mode. I assume that I can find that section of hostapd and change that; but does this give anyone a hint as to where in the rt2x00 driver I could look to make this work without the need for hostapd changes?