RT73... no DHCP connection on newer kernels

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09-06-2011 22:46:54

Hi, I'm running on Debian and I have upgraded from the "stable" distribution (kernel 2.6.32) to "testing" (kernel 2.6.38).
My wireless usb adapter in an EDIMAX Ew-7318Ug (ralink RT-2571 chipset) which is supported by the RT73 driver.
Before the upgrade my wireless worked perfectly, after the upgrade I have problems that appear just when I boot with kernel 2.6.38
if I boot with the old kernel 2.6.32 I have no problems. I also tried upgrading with kernel 2.6.39, but no luck.

The symptoms, from what I observed when I boot with the newer kernels, are
--- it takes a long time to associate with the wireless modem/router (with kernel 2.6.32 association was a matter of 2-3 seconds)
and sometimes it fails.
--- after association (if succesfull) it keeps on trying to get an IP address and eventually times out and fails
--- sometimes, if I just disable networking, unplug the wifi dongle, and then enable networking and plug the dongle again, I get a working connection.
--- if I change the IPV4 settings from DHCP (which is my system's default) to manual (static ip connection), I have no problems it associates, and connects fast.

So the problem is somewhat DHCP and kernel related.

Another thing when I plug the wifi adapter, two drivers are loaded at the same time RT73USB and RT2500USB. The second one is loaded by the kernel for error... actually I can "rmmod" it and the connection (when I get one) works the same. However "rmmod rt2500usb" or blacklisting it doesn't seem to solve my connection problem.
Do you have any suggestion?


13-06-2011 16:44:40

Isn't this the right forum?
It would be helpful if someone could tell me, so I can forward my help requests to more appropriate forums (DHCP, Kernel, etc...)
So, don't you think this is a driver issue?


21-06-2011 14:36:47

I solved the problem downloading and installing
the latest compat-wireless package here http//wireless.kernel.org/download/...-wireless-2.6/
Here's the whole procedure

1st install the build-essential package and the headers related to your kernel

wget http//wireless.kernel.org/download/...ss-2.6.tar.bz2

$ tar xjvf compat-wireless-2.6*.tar.bz2

$ cd compat-wireless-*

$ ./scripts/driver-select - it (shows a list of the supported drivers)

$ ./scripts/driver-select rt2x00 (rt2x00 is for ralink driver, my chipset...)

$ make

# make install


It seems that latest kernels (2.6.38 and 2.6.39) introduced something that
prevent my ralink wifi adapter to complete a positive DHCP transaction.
With the drivers from wireless-compat everything works as expected.

Important note the new modules don't overwrite the old ones bundled with the
kernel they are placed inside the kernel library into a directory called "update",
and are preferred by the system which loads them because they are a newer version.