Problem with RT3062 based card

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15-07-2011 17:25:25

Hi all,

I appreciate the fantastic work that has been done here on getting this driver up to scratch - it pains me to post a message here but I'm really at a loss as to how to resolve my issue. I bought a Tenda wireless card recently (was cheap and I needed a card there and then) and checked up the chipset beforehand. I thought it would be an RT2860, but it ended up being an RT3062 based card.

As I'm an LFS user, I just thought no problem - I grabbed the latest git kernel sources from here http// ... ;a=summary and built my kernel with the following enabled
"rt2800pci - Include support for rt35xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL)" which the info blurb lists as supporting the RT3062. I realise this is marked as experimental, so may not be feature complete, but the problem I am getting is quite frustrating - the card is detected and loaded fine, but throughput is a massive issue.

I am using hostapd to turn my server into an access point - this works, but regardless of encryption setting or whether the device is bridged or on a separate subnet, the highest throughput I can get is about 3Mbit/s, usually between 1 and 2 (this is in 54g mode). It drops out every now and then, and also I get ping DUPs and los packets when pinging devices from the machine over the network. I have tried setting the rate manually with iwconfig (it was on auto) but this also has no effect. If it helps to mention, I'm using the latest firmware from the Ralink site.

I would use the Ralink driver (which I can build and load without problems) but it doesn't support master mode, which is essential for my usage of the card. I know the problem is not one of interference etc. because I have previously ruled this out. Any help that can be given is much appreciated. I realise I haven't given much technical detail, but any details that are required I will happily provide. The debug output from hostapd shows nothing obvious, and there is nothing suspicious in my logs or dmesg output (that I can spot) - I'm guessing the driver just needs more work, but would be great if I could get it to work fully.

Many thanks,
Phil Potter
GNU/Linux Lover