Trying to get rt73usb to work as AP

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09-08-2011 09:28:16

I have been trying all sorts of things to get TL WN321G (which uses rt73usb) to work as an AP.

I have got this link which says that it works -

http// ... USB%20wifi

The latest I tried was to use kernel 3.0.1 and the bleeding edge compat-wireless, which is dated 11-08-08. I "integrate" the compat-wireless into OpenWrt trunk development kit, but yet it did not work. The wifi can be started, the interface entered into AP mode, but I could not connect to it.

I have attached the hostapd.conf in this post. This is "kind of" generated by Openwrt based on /etc/config/wireless which is "auto-detected".

Need help to point me to the next best thing for me to try.



14-08-2011 18:57:04

Got better success with rt73usb module parameter nohwcrypt. Looks like this is needed even for no encryption to work.