WUSB600N v2 (RT3572) Monitor Mode && Packet Injection

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28-10-2011 15:03:31


that is a thread i crated there.

My question is this.

since we know for sure the Linksys USB WIFI Adpater WUSB600N v2 (RT3572 Chipset) can work with the RT2x00 driver why not incorporate it?

this has been posted a few times over the years on how to get it working.

this should be included along time ago

this is a pretty popular usb wifi adapter and it appears to have great range and does packet injection just fine

i created the guide at that link how to get it working in debian (there are alot of hoops to jump through)

so if there is any info i can provide to anyone to get this to work alot easier then how it is now (IT WOULD BE GREAT)

let me know if you need anything from me

basically to get the RT3572 chipset to work
3071 Firmware

this should have native support in rt2x00 by now


14-11-2011 14:06:12

So let me get this straight, the driver that we released works properly. But you complain to us that your distro is not packaging that driver version?
Shouldn't you complain to your distro then?