rt2870 driver & mac timestamp support

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10-11-2011 15:52:44


I'm trying to do some Time of Arrival (TOA) measurement, which requires the MAC
layer timestamp in the PRISM header (mactime in the wlan_ng_prism2_header struct).
This is the mac layer timestamp when the packet is received.

Currently, the mac timestamp always comes back as zero.

I found these lines in sta_cfg.c where it configures for monitor mode

/* ASIC supporsts sniffer function with replacing RSSI with timestamp. */
/*RTMP_IO_READ32(pAdapter, MAC_SYS_CTRL, &Value); */
/*Value |= (0x80); */
/*RTMP_IO_WRITE32(pAdapter, MAC_SYS_CTRL, Value); */
/* disable sync */

I un-commented it and tried it, but still no mac time. Is this maybe some feature that was
removed from newer versions of the chipset?

Has anyone tried this, or gotten MAC timestamp information from this chipset?