VERY poor speeds with rt2800pci on Lenovo S205

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19-11-2011 00:16:50

Using the Lenovo S205 (which has a RT3090 chipset) on Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit - the rt2800pci driver/module is being loaded to service the WLAN card.

Speeds using the WLAN are extremely poor (less than 1Mbps or under 100kb/s "real world" download speeds). I also notice a LOT of "Tx excessive retries" (well into the thousands even after only a short period of uptime) when looking at the output of "iwconfig".

I have tried the latest and greatest daily compat-wireless (dated 18/11/2011) to no effect - I notice there were a couple of patches in the last day or so that I thought would be applicable to the slow speeds - they look to be included now

http// ... ce9fab3b3b and http// ... 081f66ef08

...however for me speeds are still extremely poor, so there looks to be more to it than just the IRQ interrupt handing?

I have tried everything I can think of - disabling hwcrypt, manually turning off power mgmt using "iwconfig wlan0 power off", daily compat-wireless, compat-wireless-3.2, even an old DKMS module for rt3090sta/rt2860sta I found which built correctly but would not service the card properly.

Also, under any Linux kernel 3.x, the drivers direct from Ralink will not compile without special patching (and even then once you do get it to build, it won't service the card properly), so after trying all these things I've realised the only way I can get ANY working wireless is to use the built-in rt2x00 project modules/drivers - but the speed is terrible.

I really would like to get a working rt2800pci implementation...

Can anyone help, or tell me any more info to provide to try and quash this bug?

Well, I rebooted again (having installed the daily compat-wireless package from 18/11) and used the laptop for a good few hours last night and couldn't see any discernible speed reduction this time! Looks like this may have been fixed but I may have just got lucky - usually with this bug the speed will be fine for a while and then it drops after a random amount of time (usually quite quickly, however - certainly within the hour) - it rarely starts out slow straight after bootup - I must say I've never used it for so long as last night with decent WLAN speeds however. I was copying large files in the background and surfing at the same time and it seemed fine...

Can anyone else either

1) confirm the initial bug with this hardware, or
2) confirm the latest compat-wireless package improves things for them too?


22-11-2011 10:56:45

Well, I think I had just got lucky that time. Within about 5 minutes of booting up last night the WLAN was crawling along at sub 100kb/sec downstream...

Can't believe there's no-one else looking into this forum with similar hardware that has problems with the rt2800pci driver or who might know what to do to get it fixed - there are at least 3 or 4 people who have posted on the Ubuntu forums with this issue...I notice the bug report for RedHat/Fedora is still open, but I can't really comment on that since I'm using a different distro.

Haven't got round to reporting it to Ubuntu yet (although I bet it's a problem with the driver/module itself and not distro-specific)

Can anyone help?