Linksys WMP600, rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame error

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Andre Hasekamp

14-12-2011 21:31:05

Log in to report a bug fails with login data for the forums. No possibility to create a bug account. Therefore I report the following bug in this forum.

openSUSE 12.1, x86_64. WLAN card Linksys WMP600 PCI. openSUSE tells me it is using rt2800pci driver.

PLease look at the attached (part of the) /var/log/messages file.

At the beginning of the file you see a lot of "queue full" messages. That made me decide to reconfigure the WMP600 card. Now look at the end of the file where it says "Please file bug report to http//".

If I can help you with additional info, please let me know in this forum or at the E-mail address registered with this forum account.

Kind regards,