rt2x00 driver AP mode Broken in linux 3.2

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07-04-2012 18:46:53

I have found that rt2x00 drivers in AP mode no longer work in linux 3.2, the problem seems to stem from this commit

commit f0425beda4d404a6e751439b562100b902ba9c98
Author Felix Fietkau
Date Sun Aug 28 211101 2011 +0200

mac80211 retry sending failed BAR frames later instead of tearing down aggr

Unfortunately failed BAR tx attempts happen more frequently than I
expected, and the resulting aggregation teardowns cause performance
issues, as the aggregation session does not always get re-established
Instead of tearing down the entire aggr session, we can simply store the
SSN of the last failed BAR tx attempt, wait for the first successful
tx status event, and then send another BAR with the same SSN.

Signed-off-by Felix Fietkau
Cc Helmut Schaa
Signed-off-by John W. Linville

Once the above commit is reversed, the drivers are functional again. I have found some discussion on the same issue
http//marc.info/?l=linux-wireless&m=13 ... 601847&w=2

The only suggested solution was to patch the rt2x00 drivers
http//permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux. ... 0.user/569

However, this patch was found to cause SMP (multi-core) systems to freeze/crash.

Does anyone have possible workarounds/other patches to get the drivers working again?