__do_softirq error while installing rt2870 driver on uCLinux

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02-07-2012 21:08:00


I compiled rt2870 driver for uCLinux 2.4 running on ARM7 processor. I don’t see any errors or warnings during compilation (there are few warnings but they are all about un-used variables) and I can see rt2870sta.o being created in the ./os/linux folder.

When I try to load the module on the target using insmod, it fails with error “insmod unresolved symbol __do_softirq”. I looked the System.map file and I can see that __do_softirq is listed in it. I don’t have any idea about why this might be happening. If anyone has a solution for this problem, please share with me.
I have attached the build log file for reference.

Thank you,
Prakash Jha