BIGtec BIG687 nano size USB WLAN device with Ralink RT5370

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26-07-2012 06:40:48


I have a problem with the BIGtec BIG687 usb wlan device based on the Ralink RT5370 chipset.

When I use the rt2800usb driver from the compat-wireless-2012-05-10 backport with kernel in combination with hostapd, the data transfer stucks and I get following error

phy0 -> rt2x00usb_vendor_request Error - Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x101c with error -145.

The behaviour is the same with modprobe rt2800usb nohwcrypt=1.

Does sombody uses the an Ralink RT5370 based usb device and has a solution for the problem?