Bad Signal in Access Point with rt2800usb

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14-09-2012 15:42:35

Hi, I have setup one Access Point with Linux Debian on a [b1wrz4hjk]GuruPlug Server Standard [/b1wrz4hjk]computer from Globalscale Technologies.
I am using [b1wrz4hjk]the EW-7711USn[/b1wrz4hjk] USB Wireless adapter from EDIMAX with [b1wrz4hjk]hostapd 1.0[/b1wrz4hjk].
The Access Point function is rather stable but, unfortunately, the radio signal is not stable and it apparently fluctuates with the time. Because of this problem the useful range of the Access Point is just a few meters away.
My suspect is that this issue is caused by problems in the [b1wrz4hjk]rt2800usb[/b1wrz4hjk] driver.

I have also the hope that the reason of my problem may be the same of the one described in this post

In the attached file you can find details on my system.

Can you please help me ?

Thank you


11-10-2012 15:27:47

Hi all, although I have not received any suggestion on this topic, I have been able to resolve the problem myself.
I've fixed the problem by using kernel 3.3.7 instead of kernel 3.4.6. Now I am able to set "txpower" from 0 to 20dBm and the Wi-Fi signal is excellent.
Probably kernel 3.4.x introduces either one bug or an incompatibility with the [b1yc7zdbo]rt2800usb [/b1yc7zdbo]driver that prevents transmission power management.

This is what this posts implicitly suggests

I hope that this information is useful to other engineers.
Maybe [b1yc7zdbo]rt2800usb [/b1yc7zdbo]should be updated to remove the incompatibility with the latest kernels.

Karnize D