rt28000usb out of radio range management.

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10-07-2013 08:25:27

I would like to know what is the expected behaviour of a rt2800usb supported WLAN node,
when the node is moved from the radio range with the node it was connected, then
is moved again into the radio range.

According to my fist findings, if an open/unencripted connection was estabilished (adhoc or infra)
the rt2800usb node will stop and resume replying to ping commands, automatically.

However if an open/crypted(say Wep) connection was estabilished (adhoc or infra), the rt2800usb node
will not resume replying to ping commands, unless "iwconfig wlan0 key s12345" is manually entered in the
rt2800usb target.

I am using the rt2800usb driver included in Linux 3.22.00 for an ARM target, supporting an Ralink rt3070 wlan chipset.
rt2800usb is directly configured through iwconfig calls Wireless supplicant is not used.

Any help on the matter is welcome.
Thank you for your attention.


18-07-2013 13:30:48

I am quite surprised that nobody in the forum still gave a reply to my post.
The question was theorical and the proposed scenario most probable.

If two wifi nodes are connected (one of them running rt2800usb), and reciprocally pinging,
what will happen if they are moved away out of radio range, then returned within radio range ?
Is pinging presumed to be automatically resumed ?

Thank for your attention.