RT2800 driver in linux kernel can support WDS or not?

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10-09-2013 02:40:22

Hi all,

I'm using RT3070 on our production and the driver(mac80211) is builtin Linux kernel, it can work fine on softAP(hostapd) or station(wpa_supplicant) mode. But now I wanna let it work as WDS mode, unfortunately always failure.
[quote1rjil23f]~ > uname -a
Linux CoherentPlus 3.11.0 #6 Mon Sep 9 223245 CST 2013 armv5tejl GNU/Linux[/quote1rjil23f]

Now I just wanna make sure
1, Does the driver builtin linux kernel can support WDS or not?
2, If can not it's for the driver or hardware limited, and any other way can let RT3070 work on both AP and client mode?

Follow is my WDS test result
~ > ifconfig wlan0 down
~ > iw dev wlan0 interface add wds0 type wds
~ > ifconfig wds0 hw ether 000C433072A3
~ > ifconfig wds0 up
ifconfig SIOCSIFFLAGS Link has been severed
~ > ifconfig wlan0 up

It can create a WDS mode virtual interface, but can not bring it up. I'm not sure my way is right or wrong, it's just follow this guy, and it can works fine on atheros wireless chipset