ieee80211 phy3: rt2800_init_eeprom: Error - Invalid RF chips

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29-09-2014 13:11:09


I'm trying to port OpenWRT to a vgv719 router board (

root@OpenWrt/lib/firmware# lspci
000e.0 Class 0280 18143091

The board have no eeprom so I passing it to driver using file

[ 8.892000] PCI Enabling device 0000000e.0 (0000 -> 0002)
[ 8.896000] rt2800pci 0000000e.0 failed to load eeprom property
[ 8.904000] ieee80211 phy0 rt2x00lib_request_eeprom_file Info - Loading EE
PROM data from 'RT2860.eeprom'.
[ 98.328000] ieee80211 phy3 rt2x00lib_request_eeprom_file Info - Loading EEPROM data from 'RT2860.eeprom'.
[ 98.340000] ieee80211 phy3 rt2x00_set_rt Info - RT chipset 5392, rev 0223 detected
[b17lxs8uh][ 98.344000] ieee80211 phy3 rt2800_init_eeprom Error - Invalid RF chipset 0x3092 detected[/b17lxs8uh]
[ 98.356000] ieee80211 phy3 rt2x00lib_probe_dev Error - Failed to allocate device

Do you know which can be a similar RF chip to start patching the driver?



01-10-2014 12:42:10

I've found that wireless-next.git support this rf chip.

I think this support request can be closed