MSI CB54G2 (rt2500) Antenna Mod

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29-09-2006 17:52:09

[b18xdymzy]MSI CB54G2 Antenna Mod[/b18xdymzy]

For thoose who have an [u18xdymzy]MSI CB54G2[/u18xdymzy] and maybe are interested in adding an external antenna.

[b18xdymzy]CB54G2 Reference picture[/b18xdymzy]

TODO Missing PC54G2 Picture
[b18xdymzy]PC54G2 Reference picture[/b18xdymzy]

Open the wireless card cover.

Look at CB54G2 picture,
A and B are internal antenas.
Look at C, this is the internal antenna selector transistor.
In U4 it looks like a supposed MMCX connector place or a test area.
L34 and L35 are booth electronic inductors.
C31 and C34 are booth electronic capacitators.

Now look at PC54G2 picture,
The antenna (external) has a capacitator but hasn't a inductor.
All other schematics are similar.

It looks like the inductor is needed to correct the small sized integrated antenna impedance.

So, looking again to U4 zone we can guess that if we connect a coaxial cable or a small connector here, we could use an external antenna.
To do this, solder the coaxial cable copper screen to the four pieces of solder in U4 area and solder the coaxial cable copper core to the track from C340 to C80. Now you must discontinue this track by cutting it near C80 to deactivate the B antenna; the external antenna will be used instead.
One more thing, try to use high quality silver solder to this operation!

I did this procedure and yes, I'm having an external antenna working very well ) Much better than the integrated one p


I hope this will be usefull.. I'll apreciate feedback )

More information at http// (In Portuguese sorry, i'll try to write in english later on)
My Helical antena at http//
Thanks all of you for this driver

DISCLAIMER I'm no expert on electronic stuff so if you are unshure of what you are doing, DON'T DO IT! This can disable your Wifi card FOREVER!


29-03-2008 17:16:47

Thank you!


26-05-2008 06:32:34

Hey , your pictures are not showing up, oh well, here's a pic of my cb54g2
http// ... 19aa00.jpg
(oops, sorry, i forgot 6 megapixels is ff'ing huge!)
now if only i knew where the hell A, B and C were.