RT2560, how to add external connector

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16-10-2007 07:46:16

Hi all,
I'm new of this forum.
I'm trying to understand how to modify my pcmcia wifi card in order to add an external connecto for an external antenna.
To be honest, i'm not expert of wifi antennas so i do not really know were and what to do in order to connect the ext. connector.
Is there any one of you that can help me?
i've also attached some photos of my adapter.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.



16-10-2007 09:45:44

As far as I know, it is extremely difficult to adapt an antenna to an existing card if no connector is provided.

If I were you, I wouldn't mess with it too much, you might end up with a broken card )

The two minipci cards that i've tried to adapt another connector, ended up somewhat screwed )

But, best of luck if you decide to go for it.


16-10-2007 09:50:09

thanks a lot.
do you know what king of modifications do i have to do?
do you have any descriptions?



30-10-2007 09:39:57

Hi again,
is there anyone that have any idea on how to solve this issue??

Thanks, Antonio ?