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20-11-2007 11:24:54

Maybe I'm the only one ... but I really had a problem to fullfill the resgister page because of the CAPTCHA. Maybe because I'm a German who doesn't know all the words displayed in the image?!

Yes, I know that there is a need to have a CAPTCHA (in my forum I also updated the CAPTCHA because of many "intelligent" SPAM bots) ... but it should really be possible to recognize the text to put in.

I know that this always is a compromise.

There[/url24bbro8o] is an example using [url=]kcaptcha[/url24bbro8o].

For me this is much better readable ... and bots don't like it ;-)

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18-12-2008 18:43:12

Funny, I've just deleted a spam post in this very thread!
I've sent a notification to the moderators though.


18-12-2008 20:08:47

I don't see a very big problem with our current CAPTCHA.

Yes, it's ugly,
yes the words don't mean anything,
but it is necessary...

and some spammers pay people to read captchas...