Tools to monitor nework traffic stability and WiFi signal

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14-12-2007 17:44:35

I'd like to find out whether my video streaming difficulties aren't a more network generic problem.

I'm looking for 2 tools

1) monitor and log traffic rate on a net device.
There's probably a built in linux command to do that. But I don't know it !
I could redirect the output to a log file if logging features doesn't exist.

2) Same thing to monitor WiFi signals.
For example Airodump can monitor well, but doesnt log (only keeps the last captured info).

The device is rt73 based and I'm using serialmonkey drivers. Maybe there's already a variable I should look at in /proc/ , /dev/ or anywhere else (I have no idea how these drivers works !)

I'd prefer simple command line tools as it is for a Geexbox setup (minimalist distro) I better access via telnet.


17-12-2007 18:53:59

Maybe /proc/net/dev and /proc/net/wireless contain what you're looking for.