rt2860/rt2820 chipset combo Ralink Linux Drivers

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29-04-2008 17:17:58

I emailed ralink support about this and they haven't gotten back to me, and I posted a message in the beta part of this forum a little while ago which I shouldn't have, but I figure it may be safe to post in the "other" part of this forum....

Anyway I have the following setup
- PCI wireless network card with an 802.11n rt2860/rt2820 chipset combo in it. (TRENDnet TEW-623pi v2.0)
- Debian Lenny with Linux Kernel 2.6.24-1-686 with the latest version of wireless extensions for that kernel.
- Latest debian wpa_supplicant package
- Ralink March 25, 2008 Linux driver from the ralink website. ([url39d5x8ib]http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/2008_0325_RT2860_Linux_STA_v1.6.1.0.tar.bz2[/url39d5x8ib])

Now my problem is
I have read all the README and INSTALL docs in the package and I have compiled the ralink 2860 with no errors, it appears to have been successful. iwlist seems to work too, however, I get the following message just above the ra0 interface when I run the iwconfig command

[code39d5x8ib]Driver for device ra0 has been compiled with an ancient version of Wireless Extension, while this program support version 11 and later. Some things may be broken...[/code39d5x8ib]

From then on the ra0 interface refuses to associate with my wireless access point because it doesn't seem to understand the wireless extensions commands being sent to it. I tried editing that config file in /etc/Wireless/rt2860/ and that doesn't seem to change anything either.

does anybody else get this same iwconfig message when you use ralink drivers from the ralink website? and if not do you know how to fix it(perhaps there is some config file I must adjust before compiling the driver? or some softlink I must create?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know this isn't a ralink driver support forum but it does seem to be the only site on the web that deals with ralink devices.


29-04-2008 17:44:50

Instead of spamming all topics regarding rt2800 and creating new topics in the progress, you might want to _read_ the reply I posted to your original post

We don't provide support for drivers that are not released as part of this project.


29-04-2008 17:47:34

ok sorry, I thought maybe it would be safe to discuss the ralink sta drivers in the "other" section of the forum and perhaps somebody else would respond with their experiences.


10-04-2009 06:23:56

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29-10-2013 07:14:33

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