What is the correct driver?

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Joanes Aviz

16-10-2008 15:59:53

Hello, friends.
I recently bought the [b1dvg40m5]D Link DWA-110 Wireless G USB adapter[/b1dvg40m5] and I have plugged in my [b1dvg40m5]Dell Inspiron 2200[/b1dvg40m5] running openSuse 10.3. The USB Adapter is detected by Linux but it doesn't work. The device is listed on Yast as a usb device, but not as a networkdevice. I just tryied EVERYTHING I had read throught the Internet trying to see it working, but nothing resolve!
First of all, I would like to know what's the correct driver that I have to download from this [url1dvg40m5]http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Linux.html[/url1dvg40m5].

Can somebody help me?



16-10-2008 17:55:52

Well for starters any driver downloaded from http//www.ralinktech.com/ isn't supported by us. So if you want drivers from that website than you should ask support on that website.

If you want support from us you need either the in-kernel rt2x00 drivers or the drivers downloaded from our website.

Secondly I have no idea what chipset is inside "D Link DWA-110 Wireless G USB adapter" so I think you should post the output of 'lsusb' first, then I can see which driver might be required for it.

Joanes Aviz

17-10-2008 16:13:02

Hello, IvD. Thanks for reply my post.

Well, the output of the lsusb command is the following

Bus 005 Device 001 ID 00000000
Bus 003 Device 001 ID 00000000
Bus 002 Device 001 ID 00000000
Bus 001 Device 001 ID 00000000
Bus 004 Device 002 ID 07d13c07 D-Link System
Bus 004 Device 001 ID 00000000

I hope this information help you to identify what the correct device driver I have to install.

Thank you again.

Joanes Aviz.


17-10-2008 17:49:09

You'll need the rt73 driver.


17-10-2008 17:51:00

Your device has a rt73 chipset, so you need rt73usb (rt2x00) OR the legacy rt73.


Joanes Aviz

18-10-2008 00:55:17

Following the instalation instructions from the Readme file of the rt2x00 driver, i got this problem after the Make command

# make
make[1] Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-'
make -C ../../../linux- O=../linux- modules
CC [M] /driver/rtusb_main.o
/driver/rtusb_main.c In function ‘MlmeThread’
/driver/rtusb_main.c1438 error implicit declaration of function ‘set_freezable’
make[4] *** [/driver/rtusb_main.o] Error 1
make[3] *** [_module_/driver] Error 2
make[2] *** [modules] Error 2
make[1] *** [modules] Error 2
make[1] Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-'
rt2570.ko failed to build!
make *** [module] Error 1

This error stops the instalation. I dont know what could be happens, cos i have installed the softwares necessary for compilation, listed below
gcc 4.2-24;

But when i try to compile...it crashs..

Can somebody send me a tip?

Joanes Aviz


22-10-2008 17:50:11

Well, this is unrelated to the problem you're having, but you grabbed the wrong driver, you need the rt73 one, not rt2570, they are different devices.

Joanes Aviz

29-10-2008 16:04:19

Thank you guys,
I just use de correct driver rt73, and follow the instructions in the README file, then everything has work correctly. Thank you very very very much! You great!

Joanes Aviz