Eee pc as a wireless access point (RaLink wifi card)

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29-01-2009 12:13:34

Hi All,

I'm trying to turn my eee pc 100H into a wireless router (i.e. an access point for other laptops). The card installed is an RaLink 802.11n PCIe and currently running in Xandros Linux using the RT2790 driver.

I've tried turning on AP mode using wlanconfig, but had no luck, so now I'm wondering if the drivers supported by this forum are what I'm looking for.

Would greatly appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction.

In particular
-- is it at all possible to put my card into AP or master mode?
-- has anyone successfully done so on Xandros linux
-- do I need to use hostapd
-- do I need to install a custom kernel for this?

Thank you very much in advance.


29-01-2009 12:16:46

I only have to add that rt2790 belongs to the rt2800 family,
and using Google and Search buttons on the forum would have answered all of your question.


29-01-2009 12:18:57

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sorry, but had no luck with the search button -- it kept telling me that search is currently unavailable.


29-01-2009 12:33:32