rt2860 RBUS

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25-11-2009 03:29:55

I've gotten Ralink AP Demo Board(RT2880) and SDK3.1& SDK3.3 from Ralink. I wonder
1. can Rt2860 linux driver v2.2.0.0 support rbus? I tried to transplant new driver(rt2860 linux driver v2.2.0.0 ) to the Board, I modified the Makefile and the Config.in file and compile the driver source code, no problem occurred, but when I insmoded rt2860v2_sta.o after the Board booted, It showed that "init_mode no such device". At last I inserted MiniPci Module(WMIR-200Nv2/E) into the Board, it got to work. so I doubt whether the new driver support RBUS
2. which version is rt2860 sta module in SDK3.3?v2.0 or v2.1?

Any help appreciated


25-11-2009 23:58:24

As usual We don't support drivers not released by this project team (aka any drivers that are not within the linux kernel or the wireles-compat package).


26-11-2009 01:11:49

ok. Thanks