Any success with rt73usb or other usb chip on i386 or amd64?

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02-12-2009 07:37:38

I have a small computer that is only expandable through usb. I bought the DWL-G122 Rev C with the rt73usb chipset, because it was listed as supporting master mode on I've searched quite extensively, and have heard mention here and there of people getting this device to function as an access point, but without specifics. In any case, I have been unsuccessful. I've tried to run hostapd, and it appears to be working, until a client attempts to connect. Then, either nothing happens (no further debug output), or I get kernel panic (Ubuntu Server 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14-generic-pae).
My question is Has anyone got this device to work in AP mode successfully?
I.e. has anyone been able to successfully associate a client with the rt73usb in master mode?

If so, what were your specs?
What kernel version, architecture, driver version, etc?
I'm perfectly willing to go hunting for old drivers/firmware/etc. if it means I can get this to work.

If no one has gotten rt73usb to work, has anyone gotten ANY usb wireless NIC to perform with any success in master mode?
I'm willing to buy a new one, but the success stories I've read all seem to be either vague or apocryphal.
I would very much appreciate any advice or comments.


03-12-2009 08:34:06

UPDATE I was actually using the DWL-G122 Rev. C in a virtual machine when the kernel panic occurred. Now that I've actually put it in the target machine it's working just fine in master mode w/ WPA-PSK enabled. It's a VAST improvement over the crashy SOHO wireless routers I'd been using previously.