How to configure D-Link DWL G510

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09-03-2010 09:26:44

How to configure D-Link DWL G510 Wireless Lan card in Linux? we had installed D-Link DWL G510 wireless lan card in our system. we are planniing to configure it in Redhat Linux 9, Enterprise Linux or Fc6. we have searched and tried may drivers but all in vein. using ndiswrapper of different version is not working. it is installing(may be incomplete installation) successfuly it accepts the windows Xp driver and while probing it is not probing the device and seeing through log by dmesg it says ndiswrapper is failed while loading.
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09-03-2010 17:54:48

How about asking ndiswrapper questions on a ndiswrapper mailinglist or forum.
If you use the in-kernel drivers, simply use standard wireless configuration tools.