Need help adding external antenna to Telsey CPA-ZNTE60

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30-04-2013 16:12:04

The router I'm working on is a Telsey CPA-ZNTE60FWB, openwrt works great on it but I need to add an external antenna to use it in my environment.

The router uses three antennas soldered on the PCB, they are simple piece of metal between antenna output and the gnd. I tried substituting one of them with a connector to my external cantenna without success, if I connect or disconnect the external antenna nothing changes.

The first differences between the two kind of antenna is that the one on pcb is "shorted" to the ground but my cantenna doesn't.

Taking a better look to the pcb I've noticed empty placements that imho can be eventually used for external antenna connectors, aren't they? (MJ2 on the right side of the picture). I changed MC571 and MC572 to "redirect" the signal to an external connector nothing changed...

Any suggestion on what I can try? And is there a way to force the driver to use a specific antenna or at least to know which antennas are in use?



17-09-2014 06:21:16

Hi there!
since we use routers here in Kurdistan,They seem bad ones.But this router that you attached with image seems to be a good one.SO I would like to say thanks for such good,important and useful post.well done my bro! )